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Explorative language learning


Earpiece, Connected Wearable + Platform

Familiarising the user with their new surroundings while breaking down language barriers through enhanced learning. The user receives explorative language lessons based on their surroundings and can connect with other users for supported learning.

*National Geographic were contacted and have allowed logo use for educational purposes only.

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Introducing Contextual Design

A process which begins with in a group and ends with an individual direction and solution.

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A future societal issue


Innovation Strategy

The following video summarises the problem and how we will use National Geographic’s values to tackle it - forming our innovation strategy.

Role: Video direction, filming and editing using Premiere Pro



How can National Geographic tackle social isolation and loneliness in 10-15 years time?

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Problem Definition

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Mind the Empathy Gap

Secondary research along with insights from 5 migrants who were interviewed, were used to create an article on the matter summarising the findings in an opinionated article.


Key Insights


Contact theory: A way to bridge the gap


Barriers to social interactions

Gathered from interviewing 5 migrants with different backgrounds, who recalled the same barriers to social interactions.


Focused Brief

How can National Geographic revolutionise the integration of newcomers to the UK, breaking down existing barriers to encourage positive interactions and reduce prejudice in 10-15 years?


Concept Development


User Feedback

From this point an expert user was worked with closely for feedback. This user moved to the UK from Macedonia when she was 11, didn’t speak English and frequently suffered from prejudice and isolation.

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‘‘Without knowing the language, I wouldn’t have been able to use the other devices’’

- Expert User


Language Translation


3D Development


User testing & feedback


‘‘This would make me stand out, making me an easier target.’’

In situ expert user testing gave feedback which prompted a shift from direct language translation to language learning, and, from conspicuous to discreet.


Experience Development: From language translation to language learning

A device which could enhance language learning would speed up the learning process so the users would quickly not need a device at all.


Form Ideation

^ Form ideation of a more discreet device

^ Form ideation of a more discreet device


Final User Experience

  • Functionality development to further support familiarisation with surroundings through GPS.

  • The addition of a social platform which connects users with the desired language skills for supported learning.


User Testing



The device didn’t feel secure enough around the users neck, especally since the device will be used on the go.

The attachment of the earpiece to the device felt restricting to the users movement.

A more secure design, with a completely removable bluetooth earpiece will be developed going forwards.


Form Development



3D Development & Testing



Inspired By Nature


Material Testing


Chosen CMF


Final Design


Key Features + Technologies

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Final Build


Final Models

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Integrate User Experience

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Product Family

Range of products tackling loneliness


Exhibition Stands


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